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Even when we really like what we do, there is always at least one day where we wake up thinking, “I hate my job”. Mondays are the tough days for me to get my happy mantra on…these are our long days, we are open 11am-8pm – seems not too bad but every Monday I’m still up early, either have stuff to do or well my body likes to play tricks and wake up anyways! It doesn’t help that I drive an hour and half to work every day, and then home too giving me a getting home time of about 10pm or later on a Monday night. This morning my inside alarm clock was a 5am wake up call, fun stuff, today I had the availability to sleep until 7am too! Darn! So needless to say count me in to be dragging myself through the day about mid-way through.

Since it’s Monday and bills are always on my mind on Mondays, let’s talk frustrations of economy (well sorta) for a moment – do you ever feel like you just can’t get ahead sometimes? I do. I work my butt off and it still feels like it’s never enough. I feel like I would need three jobs to actually make it financially comfortable. I wouldn’t call myself high paid but decently averagely paid, so not awful, and I’m still always barely skimming it to get all the bills, groceries, and gas (now granted I am driving a lot so this sucks up a lot of the cash flow but still!) let alone have any fun money…I bought a $200 grill last weekend and that was a big, like needed to research and plan for it, kind of purchase. Taxes is an ongoing frustration for me (anybody else lol)… Last month I earned a little $200 something bonus but by the time taxes came out it was $100 – ack! really! 50% of my bonus! It used to be we could use bonuses for fun stuff or something special, nope nowadays it’s just to get a little caught up on the bills. It’s almost depressing how the cost of living has changed and how hard it is to earn a dime anymore (yes I am one of those folks that wants to work to make a living, wants to earn what I get). But with all that said – here comes my silver lining and positivity kick (my favorite part after a rant!) – I’m lucky and blessed to have a job in this economy status and I’m even luckier to have a job that I don’t despise…

I’m still not a fan of Mondays though!

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