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Day 1: My five tasks to complete:

1. Buy a new purse/bag and wallet – did it – love it! New bag…Olivia & Joy…♡ it, getting super organized with style! Thank you Ross’ s for a great find!

new bag

2. Blog – check!!! Well you’re on it! <3

3. Notebook/Planner for keeping my blogging thoughts organized – picked up a cute journal at Ross’s too to jot all my thoughts and chatter – love the cover, so inspiring, it reads, ” Get Inspired. Be Fearless. Make a difference. Find your voice. Have Heart. Do the right thing. Surround yourself with good friends. Take Chances. Ask Questions. Follow your Dreams. Discover Your Passion. Learn something new every day. Be kind and generous. Live your life with abandon. Make a difference. This is Your Time.” Perfect! That’s my inspiration for today : ) I also picked up a “Teacher’s Notebook” at OfficeMax… it let me date the pages, has a whole list of holidays and more room to write fun ones like “National Vanilla Milkshake Day!” and even has graphing paper on the back of each page if I want to track views and followers each day! Sometimes you just have to think out of the box, or norm!

4. Order makeup – was running out of foundation – I keep it simple but I still need my staples, so I placed a little order through Avon – shameless plug if you are looking for a rep (P.S. if you don’t live near her you can order from her website and have it delivered to you, free shipping on all orders over $35!) http://afarms.avonrepresentative.com/

5. Do my Nails – So I know this is definitely one of those creepy hand pics but how cool is this purple! Picked it up at Five and Below – 3 bottles of nail polish for $5, not too shabby nail polish either! P.S. you’ll find as you get to know me I’m all about bargain and thrift hunting.

purple nails

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