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These past two weeks have roared by…

seagull wings spread

The beach was wonderful. Chincoteague, Virginia is a beautiful place! It has a mix of everything which is perfect for our family – hiking, sun and sand time, the ponies, seashell collecting, crabbing and surf fishing, and the pool at the hotel was great for some downtime. It had that nostalgic beach theme but without all the crowd and mess like at Ocean City. This is a highly recommended vacation spot, we will definitely go back again – if not a move to there in the future, hmm maybe a beach cottage for some get away to write times…

beach collage 1 beach collage 2 beach collage 3

Came back exhausted…I find it odd that though we return from vacations with our mind clear our bodies are absolutely exhausted. Of course me with a clear mind means that it filled up very quickly with all sorts of ideas for writing, blogging, crafting, designing, and all kinds of dreams! Love this feeling and evening knocked out some more pages of my novel within a couple days – the juices were flowing!

However reality is that coming back from vacation meant back to work too – slam, there it is, when someone else is at your office “doing your job” and well not quite as you would do it so it’s been catch up time like madness. By Wednesday I was contemplating the reasons I went to work (other than I have to to pay the bills). “Wouldn’t it be nice to quit my day job and stay home and write all day but would I have the same inspirations?”


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