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7 Chakras Balance

The word “Balance” has seven letters – one for each Chakra…

I continue my journey of self-discovery and development with choosing studies that fit into my path. I am starting a study of the Chakras this coming week, with choosing to research and learn about each individual Chakra, each week I will study and practice each Chakra. They are the energy centers of the body. When one, any, or all are out of balance it can effect you emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Finding and creating balance in my life has become ever-more important to me and with the Mercury Retrograde in progress and changes on the horizon this feels like the perfect place to put my focus. I found a quiz on that helped me get a general idea on how my Chakras are currently sitting. It seems my Throat Chakra is pretty balanced; which seems to make sense with my background in sales and customer service in that I would have had a need in my career for good communication skills; however I’m finding I am off kilter in many other areas. I know this short study will not give me all knowledge and understanding of The Seven Chakras but I hope it will give me the basis for me to get started on growing that insight and open up a whole new world for me. My plan is to study and focus on one Chakra each week and use practices and therapies to develop more balance in each area. I hope you will enjoy my experiences as I go through this process.

Wish me Luck!!!

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