March 4, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique 0Comment

I want to set an example, how to fully live life, not be confined to one said structure, not confined to a box. To show everyone that the trials, the challenges, the mistakes I’ve made, the heartbreaks I’ve endured have led me, created me, into this perfect state, the perfect place to flourish as I dream to, to build the empire I envision. That it’s given me the strength, the wisdom, and the ability to manifest, to procure, to conquer everything I want to be mine. Because dreams do come true. Because I do believe in magic. I believe that the magic comes from within us and that it is our job, our purpose to find it and set it free. That we control our own destiny, we choose to make things happen.


Since I mentioned my quote wall in an earlier post this week, I thought I’d share how it’s been growing…it fits with today’s thought ; ) I know it’s tough to read my crazy post its but the bottom blue one says “We all hold the magic” … if you believe in magic, you will see it!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed day!

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