March 31, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique 0Comment

I can’t say I’ve ever left Color Me Mine with a project I didn’t like. It’s fun walking through the house and seeing the knick-knacks I’ve created from our trips to paint at Color Me Mine…  My ring holder, my elephant piggy bank…..

Today’s throwback is a post I wrote 2 years ago after a Mommy and Son trip to Color Me Mine…will need to get back soon to make a new creation! This post is featuring my “splotch” mug. It was fun just to play with the different colors and just do whatever, no rhyme or reason to this design, it just is and I love it!

Color Me Mine is a shop/painting studio that is a blast! The great thing about this place is that you can go pick your pottery, paint it, and then they put it in the kiln for you and you pick it up all finished and glossy about a week later. You don’t have to stock paints or pottery or own a kiln. You pay a small studio fee and then the price of your pottery piece and the rest is all included. This last time I decided to just let go and I created what I named “My Painter’s Mug” – it’s a great big size for my cup of tea that I love to drink while I craft or paint. Bright colors to inspire me and I even gave it a signature paint splotch which is my favorite part of the mug.  Check for a location close to you at P.S. The paint holds up…I still use this mug to this day : )


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