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So here it is…art journal 2. I’m finding myself embracing words in my art journal…sketching out what I’m thinking in letter form (does that even make sense?), trying out my artsy lettering skills (which I’m working on growing in that field!). I have to share two things – 1. I went to a close friend’s baby shower the other weekend and saw another close friend that I haven’t seen in awhile. She shared with me that my initial Art Journal post had inspired her to start her own art journal, it made my heart sing, that’s why I blog, with the eternal hope that my stories and my thoughts inspire others. 2. I’m really finding that this coloring thing is super therapeutic for me. I’ve always loved art and making art in some form or another but I sometimes don’t have the time to complete all I want to do. Coloring and drawing in my art journal has given me a place to escape from the daily stresses quickly. It gives me a way to express myself and to release without having to get all of my paints, brushes, easel, and canvases out. I’m not throwing the brushes to the side and giving up painting in any way but this project allows me to create art anytime and I love that. I’m also hoping to expand my skills with this project…the technical sides of art have always been more of a challenge for me so as I expand on my sketches (and lettering) I’m hoping to add some fine tuning skills to my belt…but for now it’s the cutesy fun stuff!

My Art Journal pages 4 thru 6

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