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    I’m sitting here thinking about what I want to write…this weekend had it’s frustrations for sure – like that darn Windows 10 update I’ve been trying to avoid on my laptop – that pretty much stalled any computer work I was going to catch up during the day – but it did give me time to work on some other things that have been lingering on my to-do list for quite some time now – like updating my Poshmark closet (if you haven’t yet, you should def check this app out – it’s an online marketplace where you can sell and shop for gently used clothes. I’ve made some extra cash there and have scored some cool duds)… so as I try to think what I want to write for my #motivationmonday post, I realize that this weekend was a great lesson and reflection of myself. I’m proud of myself and how I’ve grown. I could have sat around and pouted and been sleepy (I didn’t get much sleep this weekend – my son had a weekend long sleep over – they were very well behaved and it does have its perks, like at this age they can pretty much entertain themselves (I was a little more lax this weekend about video game playing time) but they also stay up much later than I usually do lol – If you’re a mom of boys, you get this!) but that wouldn’t have moved me any further towards my goals so I adjusted. I think many times we find ourselves so overwhelmed of focusing on what’s going wrong that we forget to take a step back and see the opportunities in the challenge. With the time away from my computer I found that I had time to tackle some other things on my list – I even have my lunches prepped for the week, woohoo – def needed some more structure and discipline in that area. So even though this weekend might not have gone as I had planned, I had some big wins and conquers : )



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