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I’ve always loved painting but in the past I’ve lacked a technical approach…I’m not where I feel I am destined to be but it’s revitalizing and motivating seeing how far I’ve come. I’ve gone from small canvas paintings to last summer making my way into an International Online Art Gallery (woohoo – that was on my bucket list!). I wouldn’t call myself a pro but I can say I’m proud of some of my work, and everyone has their own style which is always a comforting reminder. The important thing to remember in art is that it is an expression of ourselves, and we are each our own. Art is also in the eye of the beholder so though there will always be peeps out there that may not appreciate my art as much as another, I trust in myself that I am making progress and I am working towards the goals I’ve set for myself and am working towards my dreams which in its own is rewarding.

Throwback – January 28th, 2014 – “Today I decided to dapper at my painting…I’m usually more of an abstract painter but this year I’ve decided to try and fine tune my skills. To do that means a lot of practice (so expect to see a good amount of these as I practice practice practice; or try try try!)…and I think I’ll enroll in some classes.

So this is what I created this time with the sea in mind… I call it “Painting by the Sea in a Cove”.”


” Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.” ~ Mark Rothko


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