November 1, 2016 GingerGoose Boutique 0Comment

Within your mind you have the power to find beauty, peace, and happiness everywhere.


I have been asked many times, “Why are you so happy? How are you so positive?”, well because I choose to be. My best piece of advice when you aren’t in a situation that makes you happy – you have two choices to make yourself happy, either change the situation or change your perspective but take control.

I’m not perfect and I have my down times and even have my slumps I occasionally get stuck in (example – I get “hangry” and I also get cranky when I’m exhausted however it comes down to me to change how I feel and to take control. If it’s an uncomfortable situation that I must face, then I look for the positives and for the lessons in it – changing my perspective. If it’s something I can control, then I make the change – for example being “hangry” is an excuse, go get something to eat!  For me, it’s a process I have had to explore, steps I had to learn, and practices to change how my mind works.

“Positive people also have negative thoughts. They just don’t let those thoughts control them.”

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