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I feel like every year I see the articles and the posts, “How to Stay Away From the Treats This Season” or “How To Stick To Your Diet This Holiday” – I say Bah-Humbug to that! I believe in balance. It’s a celebratory season, enjoy it, we only get it once a year. That doesn’t go to say to over-indulge, key word was balance, but design your plan so that you can enjoy the season. I am not a huge believer in diets, I believe in lifestyle, I believe in living balanced, loving life and not depriving yourself of treats. I like to have dessert once in awhile. Celebrate the Holidays with a little satisfaction to your sweet tooth with this round-up I put together, enjoy a little piece and share a lot, that’s balanced! Here’s a few treats to create for a little delight <3


Good Old Fashioned Fudge – Great for gift-giving, and a piece or two for you. I’ve found a small piece of fudge goes a long way for satisfying a sweet tooth, rich and indulgent. Check out these DIY Recipes for Old Fashioned Chocolate & Peanut Butter Fudge from my darling pal at Candy’s Farm House Pantry:

mama-bear-byers-featuredMama Bear Byers – Espresso Infused Bourbon and Chocolate Cocktail – Ready to get a little edgy, put together the perfect sweet (adult) treat for girls night, whether it’s a gift-wrapping craze party or an all-grown-up cookie swap, this treat will hit the spot! Get the recipe here:


applepiesGingerbread Apple Pies – Feel at home with this delicious classic treat for the holiday dessert table from Life Behind The Purple Door: This is the perfect loving and sharing recipe for the season <3.



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