December 24, 2016 Laura 5Comment

Christmas Eve celebrations in full swing, the presents wrapped and under the tree, stockings stuffed…one of my favorite times of year. 

10 Things I Love About Christmas

  1. Christmas Lights.
  2. Reminiscing with family over Christmas dinner.
  3. Christmas Movies all month long!
  4. A trip to Matango’s for Christmas candy.
  5. Rudolph!
  6. Christmas Carols.
  7. Giving special gifts to loved ones.
  8. Christmas Cookies!
  9. Watching the Christmas Day Parade.
  10. The fresh smell of a Christmas Tree.

Graphic Design Credit to my son, Dylan <3


5 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Christmas

  1. I don’t really do much decorating for Christmas besides putting up a tree, but my family and I love to admire others’ decorations (i.e. Christmas lights). We also love to bond by watching Christmas movies all month long.

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