December 28, 2016 Laura 12Comment

A couple days before the New Year rings in and I have two vacation days ahead. What are my plans – staying home, kicking it in some sweats and going to town on cleaning, organizing, ditching the clutter, and writing those resolutions down! The New Year is always an exciting time for me, like a new bud blossoming open, it creates a new beginning and new life unto all of us. 

You can’t go wrong in these cozy duds. Check out my top picks for cozy wear for your New Year’s prep.


12 thoughts on “Lazy, Cozy, & Chill Fashion Picks

  1. Can’t beat a bit of comfy lounge wear! I bought the cosiest onesie yesterday…so unflattering but perfect for comfy nights at home or lazy days on the laptop!

  2. I’m heading off on a road trip through France and Switzerland for a bit just to get out of the house and clear my mind for some end of the year goal setting and journaling. My wear today is warm. It’s freezing. 😂

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