An Awesome Day: Sunday Funday : Brunch, Errands, & Shopping

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Especially when I get to spend it with my Ma. Tackling some errands, a wonderful Sunday Brunch, and even snuck a little shopping in there…and it was National Hat Day! Not tooting my horn, but a lucky day it was since I found my wide brimmed hat that actually fits my head and doesn’t swallow me whole (I’ve only been searching for over a year!). 

Started the day out a little slow but on a wonderfully positive note. I love mornings that I don’t have to push myself out of bed! Cooked some scrambled eggs for my ma, myself, and my pup – yes I cook for my dog. C’mon cut me some slack she has a gluten allergy so that rules out some stuff for her…and well she’s my princess! Checked off some blog page updates off my to-do list and then got ready to head out for some errands – today was a #selfcaresunday so I wiggled in a quick hair mask treatment while I was getting ready. 

I was so excited to pick up my computer from The Geek Squad today – finally able to use my laptop efficiently again – woohoo! If you’re a blogger you definitely know this excitement! And then we were off to a Sunday Brunch – okay we added this one into the day…which meant a mimosa! We tried a restaurant called Susquehanna Harvest Season Grill – this was definitely added to our favorites list! The restaurant was farm to table and mostly organic which we don’t have too much of around here. The menu was amazing! I’m no foodie blogger but this meal was one to be noted. I tried a grapefruit juice mimosa – yum! A little sour for my ma but I was all over it. We started off with a local farms cheese board with an array of wonderful cheeses, candied nuts, an orange jam, a plum jam, and raw honey. For entrees we devoured fish dishes: I went with Artic Char and my ma went with Cedar Salmon, both came with fresh in-season vegetables. Oh my goodness and then the desserts. I love that they came in mini glasses so we could try a bunch! 

And then off for a little shopping. I am working on trying to be more mindful in my shopping…I think I did okayish, better than other days at least. Got my hat, which happened to be 50% off the sale price woot! woot! and then grabbed some pants and stockings for work, okay and some jewelry, and a tank…but all with the idea that they are for work, right? And they were all on sale! Listen to me making my excuses, I just really love clothes and that’s just that. Picked up my new brush pot from Color Me Mine that I painted at last weekend’s adventures with my son and some organic toiletries I needed to replace…2017 is also my year to transform all of my beauty products to organic/natural products. 

It was a good day, not a usual #sundaydinner post but a wonderful day. Wrapped up the evening with a facial (when I say facial, I mean slab on the at-home stuff) and an episode of BlindSpot and now I’m curled up (on my fixed laptop yay!) watching Black Mirror on Netflix catching up on some blog stuff. 

I hope all of you had a wonderful Sunday Funday too!!! 

Just me blabbing about my day <3


29 thoughts on “An Awesome Day: Sunday Funday : Brunch, Errands, & Shopping

  1. Aw man, I had no idea that it was National Hat Day. I love brunch so much, food and conversation is usually fantastic. Good job with the shopping!

  2. Sounds like you had a great Sunday Funday! I’m all about brunch on the weekends and with so many great places I can’t stop won’t stop haha! Glad you got your laptop back!

  3. I love farm to table restaurants!! I found a quaint one the other day and it was perfect, the only problem was being the driver so no mimosa for me 🙁
    Being mindful in shopping I think is a slow habit to develop, at least it has been for me!

  4. Shopping always finds a way to make me happy, it is something my Mom and I love to do together. I’m glad you got your computer back! It’s such a necessity as a blogger.

  5. sounds like a fab and adventurous weekend! I had no idea there was a hat day! and I missed it! The food from sunday looks delicious too!

  6. Glad to hear that you had an amazing Sunday. Totally love and can relate to this post especially on the part where you’re excited about getting your laptop back so you can work efficiently again. I honestly feel like people should always enjoy their day no matter how busy they are. Love reading your post!

  7. Wow it sounds like you had an amazing Sunday! I love Sundays with my family because they’re always so refreshing. It’s our time to get together and spend quality time.

    1. I just recently switched my make-up to Juice Beauty, an organic line, that so far I really like. I have been using coconut oil as my eye make-up remover and then I use Alba Botanica facial wipes for my face (I’ve been using these for awhile and love them because they’re easy and get all my make-up off). I just switched my facial moisturizer to Burts Bees Intense Hydration day lotion and have been using it since Sunday and so far I really like it. It’s a bit of a heavier moisturizer which is good for the winter. I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin since I’ve made the switch.

      I love Blindspot. It has enough twist and turns to keep you interested and the complexity of the relationships between the characters is very intriguing.

  8. This sounds like an absolutely fab Sunday! And I’m really happy you hear you had a positive experience with the Geek Squad. I’ve never known anyone who used them, but I’ve been thinking about using them as a resource if anything ever happens to my laptop (knock on wood!) 🙂

  9. This sounds that you had a wonderful sunday I really love all your food! Sunday is my favorite day I can sleep for a long hours, My usual day I always sleep for 3 hours only and sitting on the front of computer all day.

  10. Your brunch looks amazing, I want to grab it through the screen! Definitely understand the happy feeling of picking up your laptop from tech help! It’s like a reunion!!

  11. Sundays are probably my favorite day as well. We never have anything going on in the afternoon (besides football games on TV) and it is nice to have that quiet time with my family. The brunch sounds divine!

  12. That’s best type of Sundays where you have lots of plans! Usually, I spend my Sundays at home relaxing and getting ready for the week, but I do need more Sunday Fundays in my life!

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