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Every blog has its own personality as does the author, that’s what makes blogging so wonderful. Create pages that fit your niche’ and your style to help your readers navigate your blog seamlessly. Here’s a list of some great blog page ideas to add to your blog:

About Me Page (Meet Your Blogger) – This is a must for every blog. Your readers want to know who’s talking to them. Use this page to tell your story and why your readers should keep reading. 

What Your Readers Will Find On Your Blog – This is your space to let your readers know what they can expect from you. Tell them about current and upcoming series you have planned or if you do giveaways they can look forward to. 

Contact Me Page – This allows your readers to reach out to you with ease. It can be really frustrating when someone wants to reach out to you and they have to jump through hoops to get to you. Give them several ways where they can connect with you – email, social media, etc. 

Resources/Affiliates Page – Tell them what products and services you stand behind and give them links to check them out. This is a great resource page for your readers and helps you do good business.

Collaboration Page – Here you can list other bloggers you’ve worked with, companies you’ve sponsored for, and the photographers that shoot for your blog. 

A Greatest Hits Page – List your top posts for your readers to check out. 

FAQ’s Page – Do you get approached with a lot of questions? Provide a page with frequently asked questions and answers as a resource to your readers.

Shop Page – Do you have products to sell? Let your readers find your shop easily with this page.

Disclaimers/Disclosures Page – Some companies will require you to post disclaimers and disclosures while working with them. This is also a page that will work to limit liabilities if you are providing health and fitness tips but are not a health professional. * You can also include disclaimers and disclosures within your posts individually.

Start Here Page – This has become a very popular page among bloggers. It builds a map for your new readers to know what to expect in your blog and what categories you offer. It’s a great way to collect several page ideas into one. Check out more about building a ‘Start Here’ Page: Why You Need A ‘Start Here’ Page For Your Blog

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