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If you are looking for a great thrilling ride and adventure, this book is for you!  – Stormy Waters: A Crime Thriller by Miron Benari

Adam awakens on the beach next to an odd and mutilated body, with no memory of how he had arrived there. He runs only to be picked up by the police and is now a murder suspect but left dazed by his injuries, he can provide no explanation to clear himself or to convict himself. 

Within the first few sentences, I was immediately drawn in and caught, each paragraph leaving me more and more curious of what was to come next. The characters were complex and intriguing and I was on the edge waiting to see what happened to them next. I felt as I was witnessing the twists and turns in each character’s story parallel to each other and couldn’t wait to see how they all spun together with each other. The book takes you down a dark, thrilling path of  Israel crimes and of Adam’s self-discovery of trying to remember what he was before the night on the beach. I found myself fighting to put the book down, even for a moment.

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