Moments with a Glass of Wine – (& a special offer for my readers!)

A glass of wine means so much more to me than just a cup of alcohol…a glass of wine means friendship, good conversation, a moment to relax, to chat about memories and dreams. Some of my fondest memories circle around a good glass of wine. I remember sitting on the patio next to the garden dreaming up adventures and life with my neighbors, I remember the 4th of July that my mother and I sat on the porch and watched the fireworks from our backyard, the shared bottle of wine around the bonfire, the glass of wine with my best friend while we picked songs for her wedding…every glass of wine that I have ever had brought with it a memory. 

“Not much beats a good glass of wine and good conversation.”

I have an exciting offer to share with all of my fellow wine lovers out there too! I was given the opportunity to work with Mavenx and to bring you some very special savings. With warmer weather on the way I am excited to stock up for many warm nights and great wine with friends and family.

Find what deal suits your palate with all the exclusive offers I have on my Mavenx Board – Special Savings on Wonderful Wines. What’s great about these sites is that you don’t have to be in a club/subscription service to buy the wine at the special pricing!

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