How to Let the Needy Friend Go

Sometimes we have to let people go just as we have to let things go. It can be hard, feelings of guilt or remorse can seep in. Sometimes we outgrow people, sometimes they aren’t healthy for us, sometimes it is just time to move on. We must let free all things that no longer serve value or purpose in our lives – things, people, jobs, habits…Just as a tree drops its leaves so that it may continue to grow we must also.

Dear Lost Friend,

You may think I don’t care, that I’m selfish or insensitive, but that isn’t the case. I needed to let you go. I needed to set us both free. I needed to make myself the priority and not you, not because I don’t care but because I cared too much. I needed to become the example so that I could be your teacher. I needed to stop being the shoulder you cried upon. I needed to show you how you have to put yourself first – not your wants or your desires, but your needs. I needed you to see how being alone could be a sanctuary, a place for you to heal and to rise again, stronger.

You have a piece of my soul with you always, and a spark, a connection to you, will always live inside of me. In so many ways we were the same, but placed in different worlds, different lives with different views. You are stronger than you would show, stronger than you knew, and I could see that in you. But you needed to step onto that ledge alone to find it. I couldn’t let you lean on me anymore. I had become your crutch, which wasn’t healthy for either of us. In separation we made each other stronger, more resilient, and brighter. 

Even though I am not by your side today, I still believe in you. You were meant for great things and I love you.

Always Sincere, xoxo. 


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