How to Use Poetry to Serve your Soul

Poetry is a release,

An escape of words,

Into the moments beyond us.

Thoughts of love,

Thoughts of sorrow.

Poetry captures the essence,

Of the world around us.

Allowing our visions,

To become words upon the paper.

Poetry opens the cap,

Of the bottle we hold locked away.

April is National Poetry Month, a time for us to recognize it’s amazing existence in our world. It has served a purpose to share our stories from generation to generation. It has created a place for us to release our emotions from within ourselves. It has provided therapy to many and has enlightened others.

Allowing yourself to express your emotions, your thoughts, and your feelings whether through poetry, journaling, or art serves your soul.

Serving your soul allows you to process your emotions and thoughts and let them pass through you so that you can continue to grow. Poetry is a great tool to use to help that process. Poetry doesn’t need to be long, it doesn’t need to rhyme, it just needs to be true to you. A poem can be created by a list that becomes fluid. Write a simple poem of expression by first writing a word of how you feel. Now elaborate on that word. What does that emotion mean to you, how is it shaping your thoughts in this exact moment?

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