My Artist’s Bucket List – Exploring New Territory

As an artist I am always looking for ways to grow. I have several forms of art and artistic expression that I am eager to try. The past couple of years I’ve expanded my painting to include a mix of acrylics, watercolors and ink for definition but my exploration won’t stop there. As I try new things, I discover new skills and break barriers that I once had before. 

Oil Painting – my go-to paint choice has always been acrylic, in the last year I’ve expanded into water colors but I still have yet to give oils a try so that’s most definitely on my list!

Macrame – The beautiful wall hangings and jewelry that I’ve seen come from this wonderful craft are beautiful. I think this is a skill that will take more patience but I think it will be relaxing and rewarding.

Pottery – Think “Ghost”. How could you not want to try this? I’m a Virgo, meaning I’m an Earth sign and it absolutely intrigues me to be able to create something from such an earthy substance. I cannot imagine not liking the feel of building and creating something within my hands.

Figure Drawing – I’ve started dabbling in this as I explore with oil pastels but this is something I would like to really take the time and dig into. The art of the shape of the human body is beautiful and I truly want to be able to depict it on paper.

Weaving – The intricate designs and colors that can be captured within a woven piece is amazing. How each piece can tell a story of its handcrafted journey.

Calligraphy – I am a quote and inspirational words fanatic. I think this would be a wonderful skill to master to share that love.

 Screen Printing – Old school style. I tried this out when I was in school and it is so cool putting your artwork onto the fabric. I would like to revisit this skill.

 Dance – I have had dance on my bucket list for a while. The expression that can be shared through the art of dance can be quite powerful. There are many forms of dance that can be explored.

Photography – I have modeled but I would love to be on the other side of the lens.

There are so many forms of art out there. What kinds of art do you do and what’s on your bucket list to try?

19 thoughts on “My Artist’s Bucket List – Exploring New Territory

  1. I love painting and like you acrylic is my favorite choice. I have tried to learn caligraphy in the past and never mastered it. I would love to get better at it! It is such a beautiful art!

  2. I bought a Macrame plant hanger the other day and after getting it home and taking a close look at it I realized how easily I could have done it myself. I would love to take a pottery class! That would be so much fun! Learning and having adventures are the best things in life!

  3. Pottery and calligraphy is something I’ve always wanted to do! I’m adding those to my art bucket list. They both sound like fun experiences that I can do throughout my life as gifts for other people and for fun!

  4. How fun! I always wished I was artistically inclined. Sadly, stick figures are about all I can muster. My grandfather was the artist of our family, and I have his paintings hanging in my house now.

  5. I would love to pick up macrame and create an awesome wall hanging! I’ve been looking these up recently online because I feel like our living room needs some art that’s different but not too cray cray.

  6. My husband is an artist and am always amazing with his talent. I enjoy doing some crafty things, but generally I am just an admirer of artists and what they can create!

  7. Bucket Lists are so much fun because it really gives you a goal. You can totally make money off of calligraphy too. I would love to learn it.

  8. This is a great bucket list. I have done some of these things myself, but I would like to try calligraphy again.

  9. I’ve done all of the above as well, but there was a time when watercolors were terrifying to me. Now they are one of my favorite mediums. Like Roxanne, I find them very relaxing and infinitely inspiring.

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