Some Upcoming Blog Changes. Redefining.

Hello all my loves! 

So as many of you have been reading, I am on a journey towards living a more minimalistic lifestyle. I want a life with more simplicity and joy, filled with more adventures and experiences, and less stuff. This has also brought some thoughts to the top of my mind about how I fill my schedule. I want to create a space that isn’t just filled with busyness but is filled with tasks and activities that are full of joy and that are helping me move forward on a path towards reaching my goals and my dreams. So this week I have been evaluating how I spend my time, cutting tasks that do not serve my higher purpose and recreating a routine that is more fulfilling. This isn’t an easy process but it is a process that is necessary for my success and happiness.

 Recently I added school back to my schedule to obtain my Life & Health Coach Certification. As we add more to our schedules, we must make room for it. So this has brought me to redefining my blog. I am a very eclectic person and I had shaped my blog around that personality trait leading my blog to include fashion posts, power food posts, wellness posts, and much more which I wrapped all under the ‘Lifestyle’ Blog genre. But having all these types of posts also creates a lot of work and time. With all that in mind, I know I need to redefine and focus my blog to a better niche that fits my ultimate goals and cut down some of my work time so that I have time for school. It doesn’t mean I’m giving up on anything, it means I’m restructuring for my success which is something we all must do at some time in our lives. Again, a tough process but a necessary one.

Some of the changes you will be seeing on my blog:

I will be ending my Fashion Friday series. I will still share style boards on my social media accounts and will still have the occasional sponsored posts as per my agreement with Mavenx.

I will be relaunching my #artthursday series to have a more art therapy focus and approach and am exploring the idea of expanding it into a link-up so that you may all share your art and projects too.

I will be minimizing my ‘Eat This, Not That’ series to monthly instead of weekly.

I am still looking to launch my ‘Stories of the Motivated’ series because I feel that we can inspire each other by sharing our success stories.

After I finish my next few book reviews, I will not be continuing. I will however keep my monthly Book Club reading list posts.

These were some tough choices for me and I took into consideration what you were all reading the most. I took note of what posts were being visited the most when I was making these decisions. This is going to allow me to focus on creating more posts about self-love, self-care, self-discovery and self-growth which is my passion and will ultimately align more with my dream to launch into a career as a Life Coach. 

In this process I have also revamped my Facebook Group and would love for you all to join! It will be a space to find motivation and inspiration for your journey of becoming the best version of you and to work towards a life you love. Check it out here – Journey To A Life You Love 

XOXO. ~ Laura R. 


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