Why It’s Important to Nurture Yourself First

This phrase has stuck with me for several years now, “The grass is greener where you water it.” 


So many times we look at others and their lives, especially with all the social media “glamour” out there nowadays, that we wonder what it would be like to be in their shoes. The thing is, we don’t know their story, we don’t know what they went through to get to where they are. We cannot be anyone other than ourselves in truth but we can focus on nurturing ourselves and building our lives to be what we want and get what we want out of life. That’s where the truth comes in, that if we water our own grass we can make it the green we want it to be. If we are not taking care of our own selves and focusing on our lives then our grass will never be green and even if we were to go to another lawn, that grass would soon become dry too.

Look at your self and your life as your lawn – If you water it, feed it, take care of it, it will be healthy. If you feed it poison, allow it to be dug up, and do not give it the nutrients it needs then it will not grow, it will not flourish. This quote taught me to stop looking outward and to start looking inward. What was it in my life that I was missing? What was not fulfilling? Changes are never easy, but through reflection we can see how necessary they are. My journey has encountered much heartache and many hard choices but I came out at the other end a stronger, happier and better person. I’ve let go of toxic relationships, I’ve learned to forgive, and I’ve learned to make myself a priority. 

My tip to all is that the next time you are feeling down, beat-up, and sad – look inward – what can you change to work towards building a healthier and happier life for yourself? What can you water and nurture within yourself? Do not focus on what you do not have, take a good look at what you do have and work towards growing that. Before you know it, you’ll see things falling into place. You’ll see dreams growing in front of you. Focus within yourself and then project that out. We do not create true happiness from external circumstances, we make happiness within ourselves. 

31 thoughts on “Why It’s Important to Nurture Yourself First

    1. Hi Robin,

      I have that struggle too being a mom. It is a little easier now that my son is older but I’ll tell you, one of the best lessons I learned is that taking care of myself helps me be a better mom. I find I have so much more energy, patience, creativity, and feel all over better and then I can give more quality attention to my son. I also am setting an example that he needs to take care of himself too as he gets older. My son is always my #1 but I’ve learned how to not sacrifice my health and happiness in the process.

      P.S. Happy Mother’s Day!!! I hope you get to kick back a little and relax!

  1. self care is very important! Of course we all forget this with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But we need to stop and nurture ourselves so we can nurture others 🙂

  2. This phrase and quote is very true. You give everything you have to your side which can be any and every aspect of life it will stay green. Fresh and full of life.

  3. Totally agree that its easy to look at others and wish. Grass is NOT always greener because we dont know everyone’s stories. Lots of “house of cards” for those who might look like they have it all. Take care of your “own lawn” – great advice.

  4. This is such a good reminder and one of my favorite quotes. Sometimes it’s hard to cultivate a positive attitude toward our own situation but if you can spin your own perspective it will change everything.

  5. I had never heard that quote before but it is very profound. It is such a great analogy to liken one’s life to your lawn and the care that is required to have it flourish.

  6. So so true!!!I used to go by this saying – the grass is greener on the other side…, but no!! the grass is greener where you water it. WE need to nurture and care for what we truly seek.

  7. I agree, usually what we think we know about other peoples stories is only part of the truth. Usually there is a lot more to it than we think and the metaphor of the lawn needing nutrients is a great reminder to be mindful of our own story x

  8. I love this! I have always been a fan of that phrase as well. Sometimes we look down on our own lives and what we have, but really we just haven’t been “watering our lawn”

  9. I love the positivity in this post. Why compare with others when you can improve your own life. I think it’s better to look at challenges that way instead of sulking over the fact that you’re not happy with your life at the moment.

  10. This is a good reminder for all of us. Social media is a place where people only post the good things about their lives. We don’t really know what’s going on and what’s behind all the great pictures. We really have to focus on our own lives so we can improve it.

  11. It’s easy to get sucked in to thinking someone else’s life is better than yours when you are on social media. It’s also easy to see people who want you to think their life is better or are just looking for comments. Letting it go and focusing on your one life, offline, is much more productive and useful way to spend your time.

  12. This is so true. The grass is never greener on the other side. It may look like it but it’s not. You have to work on your own side.

  13. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve learned in life that grass isn’t always greener on the other side, especially since everyone has a story of their own. Some are just better at putting up façades better than others.

  14. Oh yes, I love this. I haven’t heard of this quote (although I have heard the grass is greener on the other side..) and it’s very true

  15. Great reminder that the grass is not always greener. Self care is extremely important! Never heard the phrase – The grass is greener where you water it – but I love it! Much better way to look at life.

  16. Taking care of yourself is so important. Every time I get wrapped up in other things and don’t I always end up getting a bit depressed.

  17. Thank you for this much needed reminder. It took me a while to realize that in most cases the grass didnt come greener already, that it was the work (water) that was boing put into it that made it thrive!

  18. I definitely agree with you, I never compare myself or situations to others. I just enjoy one day at a time and grow from each teachable moment. Thanks for sharing this insightful post.

  19. Reading posts like these always make me take some time to reflect on my life. I find myself asking those same questions to see what I can change to live a better life.

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