10 Ways Art Can Be Powerful Therapy

Did you know that practicing art or even by doing a craft it can act as a meditative practice for you? When we channel our energy into creating something it can have many therapeutic properties.

1.) Art is relaxing and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and decrease worry.

2.) It can teach us insight, empathy and acceptance.

3.) It promotes self-expression and can help us express and process emotions or stress that we may have suppressed.

4.) Art therapy stimulates the mind.

5.) It can encourage self-discovery, self-observation and encourages the discovery of our subconscious.

6.) Art empowers us.

7.) It helps teach us constructive ways to deal with tough feelings and traumatic or stressful situations.

8.) Art Therapy improves emotional, cognitive and sensory processes.

9.) Art can help us see beauty in rough times.

10.) It provides us with many learning opportunities and provides a sense of worth and accomplishment when we complete projects.

5 thoughts on “10 Ways Art Can Be Powerful Therapy

    1. Hi Helen!

      That’s the great thing about art, is that you don’t have to be artsy. Art therapy can include so many activities, whether it’s painting, a craft, or even coloring in a book, it can provide the same benefits. Art is all about perception and the process!

  1. Yes! Art is the ultimate therapy that exists out there. I personally love performance art as it stimulates everything in me but i do love to paint and do cool art projects because it’s just so calming. You listed a lot of great benefits to it. Thanks so much for this!

  2. Art is definitely important for self expression. The days always have us running around ragged but when we find the time to sit down and work on an artistic piece for ourselves that finished product can be the best relief.

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