8 Ways to Clear Your Mind When It’s Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a weird thought pattern, like you know there is a turning point ahead or among you but you’re really not sure what it means quite yet? I’m going to be turning thirty-four next week. I’m honestly kind of in a funk about turning thirty-four…even us positive folks get stuck in ruts and ugh moments…mine was lasting a whole week last week (I blame Mercury Retrograde) – it was a rough, emotional week man. This week, feeling freedom from the pull of the retrograde I’m left in wonder and cycling thoughts. I’ve had a lot of changes come into play over the last few months. Some material, some in life routines. I’ve purchased a new car (like new new which is a first for me and a bigger car payment than I admittedly wanted), taken on more responsibility at work, got a boyfriend (a serious boyfriend) and with that he brings two more kids to the table, I’ve been out of what I had established as my ‘norm’ for the past two years…it’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s scary all at the same time. Even good change is messy – a beautiful mess as we figure out what our new normal, our new routines should be. All of this coming into play right before I turn thirty-four. (Can you tell I’m stuck on that whole turning thirty-four thing?) These cycling thoughts leave me realizing how important it is to find my ground again even among the new found chaos (good chaos – but so busy!). Finding this ground for me means sorting my thoughts, allowing time for those thoughts and ideas to process out…discovering what this turning point means.


  1. Meditate
  2. Journal
  3. Do something artistic
  4. Get out in nature
  5. Yoga
  6. Sit alone
  7. Take a run or go for a walk
  8. Make some time for girl time

(In a getting older funk bonus tip): Make a list of all the wonderful things I did in my year thirty-three…get over that ‘I’m not where I want to be phase’ before I turn thirty-four by recognizing and celebrating all the things I have already done and accomplished.


8 thoughts on “8 Ways to Clear Your Mind When It’s Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. I’ve started walking in the mornings when it’s cooler. I’ve also taken a liking to doodling, particularly drawing floor plans for my dream house. It calms me down and gives me a productive break.

    1. oooh I like the idea of doodling!!! I have read a few articles where they recommend taking several mini breaks throughout the day and in turn that actually boosts productivity!

  2. I need to do this like everyday but I have the same old excuse…I don’t have any time. I know I need to make time for me but I don’t. Being a mom of two little boys is draining. I do love to write and be creative with making teaching resources so that really helps when I’m overwhelmed. Thanks for this reminder.

    1. Hi Christine, it definitely can be tough to make time for ourselves. I used to be awful at that (and still slide sometimes) but I can honestly say that I feel I have more energy, patience and enjoy the moments so much more when I do make that time for myself, even if it’s just a little…and I can give more to others then too because I feel better <3

  3. Sometimes the way I handle feeling overwhelmed is different depending on what is making me feel that way. If I am feeling overwhelmed because I have a lot to get done that day, I will take a few minutes to sit down, write out the things I need to do and prioritize them by importance. Then I tell myself that it s okay if I don’t get absolutely everything done, but I will focus on the most important tasks.

    1. Hi Reese, I love that idea and you are absolutely right. How we handle our overwhelming feelings depends very much on why we’re feeling overwhelmed.

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