10 Blog Posts to Read to Get Re-Motivated & Re-Inspired

I’ve been kind of feeling in a rut lately and a little lost on how I want to move forward with my goals and my dreams and my life. I know my goals but I’ve been a little confused on the specifics and how I want to get there. I’m sure you noticed I really didn’t write much over the Summer. I did have a lot going on that in ways were very fulfilling just in different areas of my life but I had walked away mostly because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to proceed. We all have had these moments in our lives. Sometimes they last a day, sometimes a month, sometimes even a year. We are presented with so many choices and opportunities and possibilities and directions that we can go that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming in truth. That’s how I was feeling. I’m starting to settle a little bit (Fall seems to be a reflect and launch time for myself) – I guess I’m also starting to notice the routines and ebbs and flows I go through during the course of the year. I’m trying to learn to embrace them and not see them as a flaw or that I fell off track but rather as a process that I go through in a year’s time, a process of discovery and constant growth.

Tonight I decided I wanted to read a bit and get myself re-motivated and re-inspired.


  1. 56 Lists To Make When You Are Feeling Down from Hello Peaceful Mind
  2. 10 Powerful Life Lessons That Will Make You Happier
  3. It Gets Better (Laughing/Cringing At My Old Self) from Lavendaire
  4. 50 Life Lessons from Huffington Post
  5. My Top 5 Manifesting Secrets from Gabby Bernstein
  6. The Key To Getting And Staying Motivated, According To Science from Mind, Body, Green
  7. 5 Habits Of The Ambitious Woman from Woman On Topp
  8. Addicted To Productivity, And The Courageous Act Of Stillness from Danielle LaPorte
  9. How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Bad Mood from Courageous Writing
  10. Honoring The Space Between The No Longer And The Not Yet from Ivory and Pine

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