Boost Your Success at the Office with these 10 Crystals

Looking for a boost in your business life?

Crystal therapy can be a powerful way to increase your productivity and success in your work life and at the office.

Here are 10 crystals to add to your desk or office space:

  1. Pyrite – also known as “Fool’s Gold” promotes action, confidence and creativity. Also referenced as the ‘stone of good luck’ it helps attract prosperity, abundance and wealth.
  2. Dolomite – brings calmness, balance, grounding and focus.
  3. Bronzite – encourages courtesy, politeness and focused action.
  4. Citrine – a positive and joyful stone, it promotes manifestation, will, creativity and mental clarity.
  5. Fluorite – enhances clarity and improved decision making.
  6. Hematite – is grounding, promotes manifestation and focus.
  7. Blue Lace Agate – assists with communication, clarity and boosts confidence.
  8. Tiger’s Eye – brings good luck, protection, prosperity and enhances intuition.
  9. Sunstone – promotes leadership, strength, creativity, positive mindset and self-esteem.
  10. Wavellite – improves clarity, self-acceptance and enhances decision making.

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