20 Crystals that Promote Self-Love, Growth & Empowerment

Personal development is an ever long journey. We will (and should) continuously be learning and growing every day. Loving ourselves fiercely and completely. Get a little help from nature’s therapies on your journey with this list of 20 crystals that promote self-love, discovery, growth and empowerment.

  1.  Lapis Lazuli – promotes inner vision, truth and communication.
  2.  Amber – enhances clarity and healing.
  3.  Golden Healer Quartz – encourages spiritual communication, healing and balance.
  4.  Red Garnet – helps bring prosperity and cleansing.
  5.  Amethyst – creates protection from negative energies, tranquility and promotes spirituality.
  6.  Pink Halite – promotes self-love, heart-healing and purification.
  7.  Ocean Jasper – aids in the transmutation of negative energy, stress relief, relaxation, and both physical and emotional healing.
  8.  Hematite – is grounding, encourages manifestation and improves focus.
  9.  Blue Celestite – promotes Angelic communication and serenity.
  10.  Ruby – helps with courage, passion, strength and encourages adventure.
  11.  Malachite – aids in building confidence, heart-healing, creativity, leadership and brings protection.
  12.  Pink Tourmaline – promotes self-love and emotional healing.
  13.  Green Aventurine – encourages confidence, growth and vitality.
  14.  Azurite – enhances insight, intuition and inner vision.
  15.  Rhodochrosite – promotes emotional healing, compassion and self-love.
  16.  Herkimer ‘Diamond’ Quartz – assists in discovery through dreams, inner vision and purification.
  17.  Red Jasper – brings strength and vitality.
  18.  Peridot – encourages prosperity, growth and well-being.
  19.  Seraphinite – promotes regeneration and self healing.
  20.  Bloodstone – helps build strength, courage, vitality and aids in cleansing.

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