Tis the Season for Me…I go all crazy goal chasing mode.

November through January is always my going crazy after my goals time of year. I’ve been watching my routines. Something about fall and the holidays and going into a new year gets me all kinds of (positive) hyped up. I tend to push out the most content, I start new projects, I super plan for the upcoming year. I hibernate away from everyone with my laptop and just go, go, go…and honestly I’m happy in that space so I’m accepting that this year.

This week I took on creating the ultimate gift list – that baby was a beast! I think I’ll take on some projects (which no doubt I’ll make it happen because I’m on of those determined, not giving up Type A people) thinking easy, peasy and then when you get down to it, there are tons of pieces to be made…but I’m feeling happy and accomplished with my creation! I love these taking on these types of projects because you get to learn new things along the way. I’ll tell you though I couldn’t have made the gift guide I made without PicMonkey and Canva – okay I could have but it wouldn’t have been as pretty! I was able to create my list into an E-book using Canva and busted out some collages to showcase my gift suggestions with PicMonkey’s super easy to use collage tool. And with so many great options from ShareaSale I had tons of ideas to feed through to bring you my favorites. ShareaSale helped me be particular too by allowing me to create custom links. Each year I take on a new project I’m learning a little bit more and how to allow myself to break out of my mold and use new services and projects. That’s why I love the blogging world so much – we are always growing! 


Young Living Essential Oil of the Week – With having so much to think about, ideas whizzing through my mind like a maniac, I tend to find myself struggling a bit with some insomnia – like the mind doesn’t shut off! So what’s been going into my diffuser this week at night is some Lavender. I always find my eyes getting a little bit heavier after about an hour of diffusing…which in this case is a super good thing or I would probably go a couple days without sleeping!


Well I’m off to the next project…so many awesome things on my list to do! 12 Days of Gifting starts December 1st so keep an eye out for those fun picks (these usually include some items off of my own wish list…wink, wink.) Plus I have more partner posts coming out so you can get to know some of the fellow bloggers I’ve been collaborating with!

Here’s last week’s partner post – 6 Inspired, Fabulous Bloggers & Their Favorite Posts – there are some really great bloggers and posts in this one!

In case you missed it, check out last week’s update here – Staying Powered Towards My Goals.


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