What Happened When I Did 30 Crunches Every Day for 30 Days

A month ago I challenged myself to do 30 crunches a day…just 30 a day. I could commit to less than 1 minute per day.

Within a week I was feeling less bloated and started to find I was a little more motivated. It started to stop feeling like a chore or a task and was starting to feel a little bit like a reward to myself.

After two weeks my skirts and pants started fitting better…less bloating, better fitting pants!

After three weeks, I could see a little bit more definition in my abs.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t perfect in my routine. I missed days, one week even 5 days. So I “rewarded” myself extra with making those crunches up. Last Sunday I hammered out 150 crunches. I didn’t even know I had the core strength to do that!

That’s what a difference just 30 crunches a day made.

It seems like such a little step to add to my day, just a tiny milestone on my fitness journey.

But it made such a difference.

Even a little step is still a step!

And that first step is what gets the ball rolling, starts the momentum……

What little step can you take towards your goals?

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