Why It’s Important to Review Your Adventures & Experiences

It’s important to review your year, not only with your business goals, self-improvement goals but also in the fun things and take time to celebrate what great things happened in the year.

This is inspiring and motivating for yourself.

And then plan some ideas for the upcoming year. As a result, you prepare yourself to have a more fulfilling and satisfying year. Set things for you to look forward to for this coming year.

The Bucket List.

So I started a Bucket List a few years back and it’s been growing ever since. Last year I took it up a notch – it went from being a Bucket List to being a Bucket List Little Black Book – yeah like a thick, little black notebook that I keep adding more ideas to.

I have this little nagging thing that tugs at my soul for adventure and experiences – both big and small – in my life and I made the definite choice to go after them.

At the end of the year I like to recap what I’ve crossed off throughout the year and set some goals for what I’m going to tackle this coming year. Being real, it doesn’t quite happen as I plan but it still gives me a start to what I want to include in my new year ahead. (Life tends to throw some twists and turns – and new experiences- so I flow with it a bit as I go).

Here’s some of the awesome things I did cross off my Bucket List in 2018:
  1.  I rode a train…I’m 34 years old and though I’ve been on a train, I’ve never actually rode one – the train moving. Apparently when I was a little kid my parents were going to take me and I was all kinds of excited, met the conductor, toured the train and then when they started the train I freaked out so the train ride didn’t happen. Well I can now officially say (at 34 years old), I’ve ridden a train!
  2. And while riding that train, I knocked out another one of my Bucket List items. It happened to be a Murder-Mystery Dinner train ride! It had it’s corny moments but it was fun and dinner was delicious!
  3. I wrote and published a book this year! It wasn’t the book I planned to publish (yeah, going on like 7 years or so of working on my novel…some day I will finish it and I will publish it) but it was the first step past that fear of putting my work out there. I wrote and created and self-published my first book, a self-discovery journal – 30 Days to Deeper Self Understanding: A 30 Day Journaling Experience. Be on the look out, there will be more to come and I’ll learn and grow as I go.
  4. This Summer brought new friends (and re-connection with some old pals) and a whole summer of adventures including crossing off riding in a dune buggy, well actually it was a “mud buggy” (that’s what I’m calling at against my friend’s wishes), it’s actually a Razor or a ‘side by side’ – either way I love it! It’s so much fun flying down the trails and splashing in the mud. Yeah I like to get muddy, no princess here folks.
  5. Try SUP – Stand Up Paddling. This takes some core strength and balance…yes I fell a whole bunch of times – the beer wasn’t helping though.
  6. Light City in Baltimore. This was so cool. They turn the city into a huge lighted art exhibit that’s interactive. I suggest adding this to all of you – couples, families, solo trips. It is such a cool way to spend a night or a weekend.
  7. I officially own a boutique – online. Not in the way I ultimately want to but I got it started. I launched my boutique with my designs with SpreadShop. It’s free and easy to set up so it was a great place to get this goal rolling. Stop by and check out some of my designs – FiveInspired. Now that it’s launched, I can only grow from here. Someday hoping to have a cute, little brick and mortar shop by a beach!
  8. Go the movies alone. This one may seem like a little bit of odd one to have on the list but it was an experience I wanted to have. I wanted to explore that space of just doing something by myself…I loved it. I felt independent and peaceful.
  9. Visit New Hope, PA – this is such a cute, wonderful town! It’s an artsy town so there’s art everywhere, it’s by the river which was beautiful on a sunny day in June. And I also bought two gowns at a boutique on a corner street to wear when I attend those galas on my bucket list!
  10. A really important one: I allowed myself to be flawed. I am embracing my flaws. I’ve even restructured some of my thinking to see some flaws as strengths now…this is an on-going thing.

So with the slight apprehension that this post is going to be a super long one (it is), I wanted to share with you what I’m planning on tackling on my Bucket List in 2019.

Side note – I wonder if I’ll ever actually complete my Bucket List. I just keep adding and adding ideas every year (big ol’ smiley face). I guess that means I’ll always have a life filled with adventure and experiences! 

My Top Focuses from My Bucket List for 2019:

Take a trip to NYC with my son. And this trip will include a handful of Bucket List stuff like:

  1. Ride the train to NYC.
  2. Try a spaghetti donut. – yes a donut made out of pasta.
  3. Eat ice cream at Do’. – it’s basically edible cookie dough – heaven in a spoonful!
  4. Take my son to Dylan’s Candy Bar.
  5. Eat pizza in New York. – surely I’ve done this already however the point is to eat pizza here, in New Jersey, and in Chicago and compare.
Okay, here’s the rest of the list.

It’s a hefty one. I like to set big goals – you know the whole “reach for the moon and you’ll fall among the stars” theory.

  1. Write and publish an article on elephantjournal.com.
  2. Attend a roller derby.
  3. Go fruit-picking.
  4. Visit Cape May, New Jersey
  5. Learn to belly dance.
  6. Attend a gala – now that I have the gowns (they do need some altering though) I should make this happen this year!
  7. Participate in a Wanderlust Yoga Festival.
  8. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  9. See the Cherry Blossom Trees in Washington, D.C.
  10. Attend a Pittsburgh Penguins game.
  11. Sleep in a yurt.
  12. Go to the Falconry Experience in Hershey.
  13. Hot air balloon ride.
  14. Visit the Baltimore Zoo.
  15. Go to Burning Man – this happens to fall over my birthday so this would be the perfect experience to celebrate!
  16. Create artwork for a Tarot Card deck.
  17. Try Ratatouille – there’s this adorable little French restaurant not too far from my work I could go to!
  18. Visit Bethlehem, PA.
  19. Learn calligraphy.
  20. Host a solo art show with my artwork.

I’m excited for the year to come – more adventures to be had, more amazing experiences, and more goals to crush! 


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