How to Build an Amazing Biz Plan for the Year

2018 was a bit chaotic.

There seemed to be a million things going on at one time on a constant basis. But it overall it was a good year! And I believe more wonderful things await this year!

As I sat at the end of 2018 reflecting on my year and thinking about what my plans will be for this year my soul lit up with all the ideas and thoughts of possibilities!

I pushed past fears and found motivation within me even when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed or discouraged on the surface.

In 2018 I hit some great milestones for my businesses.
  1.  I launched my first online workshop – 30 Days to Deeper Self Understanding
  2.  I wrote and created and self-published my first book, a self-discovery journal – 30 Days to Deeper Self Understanding: A 30 Day Journaling Experience, based off of my online workshop.
  3. I made my first $100 through Affiliate Marketing!
  4. I had one of my stories published in an online magazine. If you want to see what post, check it out here: Winning with Rheumatoid Arthritis – Overcoming My Fear of Failure
  5. I opened my boutique!  I launched my boutique with my designs with SpreadShop. It’s free and easy to set up so it was a great place to get this goal rolling. Stop by and check out some of my designs – FiveInspired.
  6. I launched a second blog – GoingHygge – where I’ll share my stories of my journey to embracing more hygge in my life.

All while crossing things off my bucket list, having mini adventures and surviving the chaos of a new promotion and tons of changes at my day job.

I’m determined to make 2019 my best year yet.

This takes a good amount of prep and planning to set myself up for success. During the past two months I spent some time working ahead – writing and scheduling a whole bunch of posts for 2019 and mapping out my goals and the steps I need to take to get to those goals.

I’m dream chasing this year y’all!!!
So what all does that all entail exactly?

Below I share some of those goals and the ways I mapped them out so that I will be on the right path to reach them.

First, you need to determine your goals.

One crazy thing about me is that I have so many goals – like so many goals. What I’ve learned though is that they ultimately all add up to one big, beautiful dream.

Set the big dream goal and then break them down. I set up many levels of goals for myself for this coming year with the ultimate goal of monetizing my business so that in 5 years I can go full time with my passions and businesses. 

2019 Goals:
  1. Monetize blog and start income flow from side hustles.
  2. Grow.
My 2019 Product/Service Launch Goals:

1st Quarter – Launch Vlog. Launch Coaching.

2nd Quarter – Launch Online Art Gallery.

3rd Quarter – Launch Podcast.

4th Quarter – Release 2020 Planner for sale.

Determine what basic (high level) actions you need to take to get closer to those goals. 

  1. Build out products to launch.
  2. Grow followers and audience to drive views of content and promote products/services to.
  3. Develop Facebook Group.
  4. More networking and collaborations.
  5. Invest in my businesses, both with time and money.

Determine what your current audience is like.

Does your audience match your goals? Are these the people you need to be talking to?

My Audience:
  • Top 3 Countries – United States, Canada, United Kingdom
  • 78% Female
  • The ages of my audience is fairly even among ages 18-44, slightly higher with ages 25-34.
  • Their top interests across social sites:
    • Quotes, Inspiration & Motivation
    • Diet & Nutrition
    • Exercise & Fitness

So what this evaluation told me is that I need to schedule more health and fitness content into my editorial calendar for 2019. For the most part, I was able to determine that my audience does align with my goals with some slight tweaks/additions to my content.

(Dogs was also a top interest on Twitter – maybe some more pics of me and my pup are on the horizon too!)

Determine your growth and monetary goals.

To build a solid marketing plan, first I needed to determine what my growth goals are. You should include every avenue that you plan on growing when you build this out. This includes blog views, social followers, Facebook Group members, etc. Once you have your growth goals set you can start planning out how you are going to reach those goals.

Here’s a snippet of what my goals look like:

Next I determined how much I am aspiring to bring in monetary wise this month.

There are three levels of goals that I set for myself. One that seemed very realistic and then two that I would love love love to hit. I titled them ‘Goal’, ‘Big Goal’, and ‘Big Big Goal’. The three levels keep my dreamy mind happy.

It also will give me a reflection for the end of the year when I’m adding all my 2019 numbers up.

“Shoot for the moon and you’ll fall among the stars.”

I will hold myself accountable to my ‘Goal’ but will strive for my ‘Big Goal’ and if I hit that then go after my ‘Big Big Goal’.

That was a bit of a circle, I know, but it’s how my brain works – not always in a straight line.

Build out your editorial calendar.

I mentioned earlier I spent the last two months power-writing and planning…and that’s no exaggeration. As a result of this, I have a bunch of my planned posts and social posts for 2019 written out ahead of time already. It was tedious and took a lot of time but will be completely worth it. This is going to give me the room to focus on some of my other goals this year.

I’m not saying you should lock yourself up at home like I did and do this for yourself but definitely map out your editorial calendar.

Having an editorial calendar will set a plan for you to follow and helps you see if there are any gaps that need filled throughout the year. This is definitely a priority item in my opinion for blog success.

Create a marketing plan.

Now I was ready to map out my marketing plan. What do I need to do in order to reach my goals?

I knew at a high level I needed to get out in front of more people. My marketing plan includes promoting content and offers to my current followers as well as reaching to new folks through paid promotions, referrals and networking.

Some things off my marketing plan to get you started:
  1. If you run a Facebook Group, promote it to your blog followers and your other social networks including your blog Facebook Page, Twitter and even create a pin and share to Pinterest.
  2. Run a Facebook Page Likes/Instagram Followers/Twitter Followers Campaign (this is something you do have to pay for through ads manager but I’ve done little campaigns and still had a decent response) once a quarter. I suggest using keywords and targeting specific interests so that you are reaching people that will be interested in your content to make the best of your investment.
  3. Participate in share and engagement groups like Pinterest Group Boards, Bloggers Facebook and Twitter Groups. If your content fits, you can totally join my Pinterest Groups – ‘Journey to a Life You Love’ and ‘#GetFitGetHappy’!

Build out the game plans to implement.

Okay, I know this is a lot of work but I promise it works. If you have a clear plan than it’s much easier to execute.

Break them up into individual projects. This way you can take on one project at a time and it helps you not feel so overwhelmed.

I also keep a running to-do list for things that don’t quite fit into a project format like ‘schedule Facebook Page Likes Campaigns’ or ‘create media kit for blog’ and then I also add just the project title to my to-do list. I’m kind of a list addict – I’m working on that.

Each project gets an outline for me to follow and work through.

For example:

Art Challenges for 2019

  1. Determine daily prompts for each month.
  2. Build creative for social posts.
  3. Build emails announcing prompts. Schedule to send to email subscribers very end of each month with upcoming month’s prompts (i.e. January 31st send prompts for Feb 1st).
  4. Create pages for each month.
  5. Update blog post to include links to monthly prompt pages.
  6. Create social posts.
    1. One set of posts that include link to blog post. Post once a month at the end of the month.
    2. Second set of posts that promote the specific month’s prompts and link to month’s prompts page. Schedule at the beginning of the month.

I know that sounds like so much to do but it’ll help you have smoother sailing towards your goals this year.

And because I know it’s a lot to build out I’m going to help get you started. Grab your FREE Biz Goals & Marketing Outline here!

Go on now – dream big, plan it out, and make it happen! 

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