January Fitness Bloggers Round Up

I decided to take December and January off from my fitness journey. I know I’m a bit backwards. While so many other folks out there were jumping into their New Year’s Resolutions of better fitness and weight loss I was over here slacking. I needed to start the year off with a light schedule, an emptier plate. Now that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about fitness and health. With that said, here’s my round up of January’s Fitness Bloggers. Read up and get ready for #FitFebruary!

  1. 5 Easy Goals to Set for a Healthier New Year & Life
  2. Healthy & Fit Cardio and Strength Workout
  3. Top 7 Beginner Dumbbell Workouts
  4. 5 Fitness Products to Help with Your New Year’s Goals
  5. How to Set Fitness Goals and Achieve Them
  6. Simply Arms Workout
  7. Top 5 Foods that Help with Weight Loss
  8. Essential Oils for Sore Muscles
  9. Fast Workouts for Busy People
  10. Blueberry Oatmeal Protein Cookies

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