Why I Love Blogging in February

Sunday nights. I love Sunday nights. This is my wind down time and my prep time for the week ahead. This is also my quietest time of the week. I spent this late evening curled up in my freshly washed sheets (yay, finally got around to crossing that off my to-do list) and watching a some House on Amazon while I write up some blog posts for this week. I had a fairly busy weekend filled with some great get-togethers with my family. A pool birthday party (yup, mid winter – thank goodness for indoor pools!) and a farewell dinner to see my cousin off on her next adventure. I had a good amount of cake this weekend, yum!

I’m super excited that this week I’ll be starting to write up my posts for the 2019 Love Blog Challenge! This is one of my favorite times of year for blogging! This year I’ll be co-hosting a few more prompts too. On February 6th, I’ll kick off with my first co-hosted prompt ‘Regret’. I love this challenge because it pushes me to go deeper, out of comfort zone a bit, and talk about real life topics. Places we’ve all been before. It not only helps me connect with myself more but also with my readers more. And it gives me an opportunity to love myself a little more during my #SelfLoveFebruary (side note – I’ll be sharing self-love tips on my Instagram to celebrate this coming month. Be sure to stop by and check them out!)

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