How Your Personality Type Can Be Driving Your Creative Processes

You would think this would be the easier post for me to write being that creativity is something that typically comes naturally to me. I think it’s in defining it that it transforms into a struggle for me.

What’s My Personality Type?

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time unmasking and exploring my personality type.

I’ve discovered that I’m an Architect, the Mastermind, an INTJ. This is apparently the rarest personality type from what I’ve read. Well this explains a lot (slight smirk over here).

I’ve always been the “weird one” and now I understand why. And now I’m okay with it – because that’s how my brain works. According to one site I read, only 2% of the population are INTJ’s. And even more rare is to find a woman that’s an INTJ. I should note that I’ve taken a personality test three times and each time (different websites) I’ve come out as the same personality test so I’m pretty convinced at this point.

What the heck does that mean? (And what the heck does all of this have to do with creativity too, right?)

Well, I’m a pretty super creative person. If you were to ask 5 people to describe me, at least 4 of them are going to use the word creative. I’m a painter. I’m definitely an artsy fartsy type. Abstract thinking and dream building can fill my mind.

But I am also super analytical, a deep thinking and a mega process builder and user. I’m all about routines, I’m super organized, and well apparently I can be pretty blunt. Kind of an odd combination, right? Imagine the thought processes in my head!

So if I’m such an analytical kind of gal and I’m a over the top thinker where does the room for all the creativity come from? I thought giving a little break down of what an INTJ might help show.

I – Introversion

This is how I manage my energy. It reflects how I interact with my environments. Contrary to what many people believe about me, I am not extroverted. Close to 70% introverted was my results across the board.

  • contemplating ideas and experiences
  • exploring a subject in depth
  • reflecting on thoughts and feelings

N – Intuition

This is how I process information and where I direct my mental energy. There was no debate with this result at 77%. This is where I feel a lot of my creative thinking stems from.

  • observing patterns and connections
  • imagining potential
  • ideas and concepts
  • interpreting meaning
  • innovation and creativity
  • possibilities for the future

T – Thinking

This is how I make decisions and manage emotions. This leans a lot into how I relate in prioritizing my values. Think “head vs. heart”.

  • making objective decisions
  • using logical reasoning
  • being unbiased and impartial
  • keeping a competitive edge

J – Judging

So this one was a big whopping 89%. At first I was thrown by the title of this result because I wouldn’t consider myself a judgmental person but that’s not the definition here so if you get it don’t beat yourself down. This trait determines how you manage your life. And it’s spot on for me.

  • create a plan and stick to it
  • see a task through to completion
  • adhere to a schedule
  • set goals and maintain focus

I know that doesn’t quite give the full picture and it didn’t give me all the answers I was seeking. So I dug even deeper.

There are six faucets of each personality trait element. (Truity was amazing at mapping these out for me.) These are the ones that helped me understand my creative side better.

  • 47% Expressive – This means that sometimes I’m comfortable with expressing myself without the worry of anyone understanding me. This could explain why my painting style tends to lean more in an abstract style.
  • 84% Private, 94% Solitary – Because of these traits, I tend to prefer to be home with my creative thoughts, my writing and my painting rather than in large groups or at big parties.
  • 67% Imaginative – I have a very abstract way of thinking. As a result of this, I will typically focus on ideas, concepts and theories. This allows me to envision almost anything even if I haven’t seen it in actual real life.
  • 50% Progressive – I love new ideas and I believe in innovation whole heartedly.
  • 88% Insightful – I always want to know the deeper meaning.
  • Here’s a big one – 83% aesthetic – I have a huge love and appreciation for art and culture.

Truity put together a super cool graph for me which confirmed my thoughts.

The Top 5 Words to Describe My Personality

  1. Organized
  2. Reliable
  3. Skeptical
  4. Creative
  5. Introspective

Knowing My Personality Type Has Brought Me Self Understanding, More Self Confidence, and Peace of Mind.

I have found it extremely enlightening going through this process. Creativity comes in many forms. Because of that we all withhold some level of creativity that we use in our lives. Understanding how my personality type drives my creative processes has helped me utilize them better in all areas of my life.

Curious of what personality type you fall into? Check out what your personality type is with Truity. P.S. This is a great way to build deeper relationships. It helps you understand each other better and how to relate. I’ve been recruiting my family, friends and co-workers to take the test!

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  1. I’m an INTJ too! I get the same result every single time I take that test! I guess that’s a popular personality type for bloggers!!

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