My Blogging & Business Content is Making a Move

Well folks I launched yet another blog. Sounds crazy but it’s all with a purpose in mind. The goal is to be able to truly provide the best content I can to all of my readers. And I think this move is going to allow me to do so better. Do Five Things A Day will remain a place for motivation and inspiration. I’ll be bringing you more health & fitness content, personal improvement articles, and all things that are designed to make you feel good. BlogFiveBiz will be taking on my blogging, business and entrepreneurship content. This gives me an opportunity to write to a niche and keep it organized. It’s good for my mind and it’s good for you to get right down to the root of what you love reading. Stay tuned, I’ll surely share updates as BlogFiveBiz grows. I’m working on an awesome e-newsletter that should launch in the next month or so!

I look forward to continuing to write for you, about the topics you are looking for. And please reach out with any ideas and thoughts! You can email me directly at <3

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