How Letting Your Quirks Show is an Excellent Self Love Practice

My theme for the month is alignment. All about aligning with your true self, your life, your soul, your desires, your dreams and your heart. Like seriously when did we allow ourselves to become so wrapped up with the social norms and expectations? Because I think we may have lost ourselves a bit along that path. At what point in our childhoods did we go from quirky to regular? I’m taking my quirks back folks!

This is part of loving yourself fully!

When you own who you are truly at the core, you will feel more natural. It will boost your self-esteem and confidence because it feels right to you. We have to learn to truly love ourselves for all of what we are. In that place we’ll find comfort, joy and happiness.

Your quirks are what make you so unique, so special. It’s what sets you apart from everyone else. Own them!

We need more unicorns in the world to step out into the limelight…I know most of us are pretty shy…especially us in the digital and blogging world…you know all us introverted types (but outspoken and full of passion!) but the world would be so beautiful if we all showed our true colors!

Grown-Up Magic

I partnered up with Melanie to help her share some of her beautiful creations. She makes inspiring products that we can shine and shimmer in and really spread our magic around the world. Helping us show off our unicorn manes! (Yeah I’m in one of those energetic moods today if you can’t tell. It’s fun though, right?!)

Five Outfits to Shine In (and be comfy too!)

Whether you are feeling rainbows, enchanted or in a mermaid mood, Melanie has something for everyone in her shop. From pillows, tees, mugs to super comfy leggings you can definitely find something to love.

And if you’re feeling charitable you can also show off your love for our police, firefighters and support breast cancer research.

50% of the proceeds from the Blue Line Collection goes to the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund, 50% of proceeds from the I Support Firefighters Collection goes to the National Fallen Fighter Foundation and 50% from the Breast Cancer Ribbon Collection goes to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

I really hope you’ll check out Melanie’s shop. She is full of so much inspiration and excitement for life that it is infectious! And it all shows in her shop Sparkle by Melanie! Mix and match and let me know what awesome outfit combos you came up with!

*I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. For more information about my disclosures and policies please visit my Legal & Privacy Policies. Thank you for your support so I can keep Do Five Things A Day rocking <3

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