Why Style in a Box Works So Well for the Busy, Busy Gal

It’s day five of the blogging challenge. We’re halfway through! I’m starting to feel the affect of going from one blogging challenge to another…

I also participated as a panelist for a twitter chat for my first time last night – it was an amazing, crazy whirlwind! I had a blast but whew it wore me out a bit. It could also be that I didn’t sleep so well the last couple of nights and I’m super busy with my day job on top of all the projects I have going in on my blogging and side hustle world. Whatever all the combo is, I’m feeling it a bit today! Which makes today’s prompt so much more relevant for me to chat about.

Today’s prompt is Subscription Boxes.

Okay, so why is this post so relevant to my crazy, hectic life right now? Well because I’m busy. Flat out, busy, busy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have nice clothes. Being busy doesn’t make me love style any less. It does however result in me not having much time to shop. Not even online.

So I take advantage of what I reference as ‘Style in a Box’.

Here’s why I love them:

  • I get a stylist that picks out things they think I’d like based on my preferences.
  • They send the clothes and accessories (and even shoes in some cases) to my house.
  • I try them on.
  • I send them back. They even include the shipping label and all. I just have to drop them off in the mailbox or even better have them picked up by the shipping service.

It gets better.

Not only are these great quality clothes but as they get to know me based on what I keep and send back, the boxes get even better. I even got a new pair of running shoes that I absolutely love so this Spring I am ready to go when I start running again. They have discounts for buying multiple pieces (which is typically easy to do). Some even have sales on the items they sent you. And those pesky styling fees you pay up front – well don’t worry, they’re applied to your purchase.

What are my favorites?

Wantable Fitness Edit

Wantable Style Edit

Stitch Fix

Trunk Club

ThredUp Goody Box

It doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can set your price requests. And the great thing about it, is if you get something in your box that is out of your price range, you just send it back, no obligation!

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