Mother-Daughter Bonding Trip at The Philadelphia Flower Show

I have a little treat for you today! This will be a visual post full of bright colors from my adventure at the Philadelphia Flower Show! I was very excited to cross this off my bucket list this year!

To make this trip even better is that this was one of those amazing Mother-Daughter trips. It had been a while since my mom and I have had one of those little trips to let loose!

Flower Power was the theme.

As soon as we walked we were engulfed with color and excitement. Feelings of awe and amazement filled my heart.

It was a place where art met nature.

This isn’t a half day kind of show. We were there for a good full day. There was so much to see. Some tastings of yummy treats and even some shopping!

I booked our hotel a short drive from inner city (right across from the airport). We stayed at DoubleTree by Hilton. It was such a wonderful experience. The customer service was phenomenal! We even received warm chocolate chip cookies at check in – yum!

I led my mom on her very first Uber ride. She was so impressed with the tracking capability on the app and how friendly the driver was. Definitely beat a taxi ride!

We returned to the hotel after the show and were treated to a Hilton Honors reception with house drinks and appetizers. We enjoyed a great conversation before heading over to the restaurant for dinner. And yes, we did indulge in some wine!

It was a short trip but was a fun and refreshing trip – a needed trip for both of us!

I came with one bag, left with two…

My Girlzsquad bag was the perfect weekender bag for our two day trip. I’m glad I grabbed my tote though for all the treats we bought to bring home! We came home surprisingly not with flowers but with gourmet sauce mixes, art inspired jewelry, and honey – lots of yummy honey!

Alright, you guys know me, I can’t write a post without giving a little bit of advice and thoughts.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mother-Daughter Trip Every Year

  1. It strengthens your bond. This is such an important aspect of any relationship.
  2. It’s fun and gives you a place to let loose together.
  3. It helps relieve stress.
  4. Choose new places and events to explore. This is good for the soul!
  5. You learn new things about each other during these trips.

Make a bucket list with your mom and plan an adventure for every year!

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