When Life Knows Better

This past week has been a bit insane and I was feeling it catch up to me. My brain was on overdrive with all the things I had on my to-do list. And then Facebook and Instagram went down. And I was having issues with my WordPress formatting and posting.

I could have very easily gone all frantic mess in those moments.

But I didn’t.

Do you ever have the thought that maybe things break in our techy world so that we are forced to relax? In that it makes us reposition our focus onto other things happening in our lives?

Today I’m playing catch up on my blog posts and my tasks. But it is okay. There were other things that I was able to enjoy while the tech world was stalling me. I think it was all for a reason. A reason I needed to be reminded of.

My focus over the weekend became about family.

Friday I joined my mom for a pizza party thrown by her co-workers. We needed that time to catch up. I needed that time away from the computer, reports and PowerPoint presentations.

Saturday I spent the day with my son and my parents. We had a great home cooked dinner together where we laughed and shared stories and even some conspiracy theories. Then we spent the evening curled up watching movies.

It was these activities and these moments of connection that helped give me my energy back. I can now start the week feeling recharged and motivated.

Let life guide you. Listen to the Universe. Watch for the signs.

One thought on “When Life Knows Better”

  1. I agree totally! I’ve been making an effort to relax more with social media when I can to enjoy actual life – my kids, family, mister etc. Sure I might take a picture on Saturday when we do our pizza making but more for memories than anything else!

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