Self Care Sundays has Launched – Check out what’s to come!

I am so excited to introduce the Self Care Sunday Series this evening!

This series will include anything and everything that is related to self-care. It’s a topic that I think we should be discussing more and in more depth so I’m launching this series to do just that.

Many of us when we think of self-care, we picture pampering ourselves with facials and bubble baths…and it does encompass those activities but it’s really so much more. It’s not the pampering that makes it self-care, but it’s in the response we have when we pamper ourselves.

Self-care is about building routines that are healthy and nurturing for yourself. Good self care is well rounded and includes taking care of your mind, body, soul and heart. And it’s about building a healthy environment in which we can grow in and thrive in.

Self Care – the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

In practicing self care, we understand that we must first be healthy and have harmony before we can truly provide for others. We take responsibility for our own wellness.

I will be co-hosting this series with Nikki from

I am really excited to introduce her to you through this series and have the opportunity to work with her! She has an amazing story to share!

Some things you can look forward to in this series:

  • Posts from both Nikki and I where we chat about our own self care experiences and journeys
  • Guest posts from other bloggers about their self care rituals and thoughts
  • Tips and Advice on how to incorporate better self care practices into your life
  • Reviews of self-care products, services and personal improvement books
  • Giveaways and freebies from time to time too!

You can read Nikki’s introduction to our series here.

Meet Your Self Care Sunday Hosts!

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Laura is a big dreamer, full time marketing manager, blogger, and part-time artist. Like many of us, she spent part of her life struggling with frustrations on a daily basis and just all around felt drained and uninspired…that was her. She decided to change all that one morning. Now Laura lives in the blogging world because she believes the buzz about self-care and self-love needs to be heard. She owns and writes for three blogs,,, and She aspires to inspire people in their everyday lives and help them to live towards their dreams and making the most out of every day by sharing her own experiences and stories.
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Nikki is charismatic, motivated, and loves spreading hope and restoring faith in humanity. As a former “street girl” she has seen many of the uglier sides of human nature, and knows first hand how difficult it can be to be at war with yourself. As an aspiring Self Care Mentor she can often be found experimenting with different self care practices and ideas to expand her knowledge on the subject. Guiding others on their journey to inner peace&happiness is her lifelong goal. Her other hobbies include painting, hiking and creating healthy goodies with her husband Patrick.

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