Five Ways to Practice Self Care & Celebrate Earth Day this Year

Can you believe a whole week went by already?! Whew!

I’m super excited about today’s Self Care Sunday post because Nikki is going to share some ways to celebrate Earth Day – which is coming up on the 22nd.

Without further ado – check out Nikki’s awesome ideas to celebrate that also embrace the five pillars of self-care.

Nikki from

We live in a society that celebrates many, many things.

From Pizza Day, birthdays, anniversaries of all sorts, Mothers Day and even a day to honor sleep. But why is the day celebrating our home so often overlooked?

This week for our Self Care Sunday Series, I am going to dive into how we can practice self care and celebrate Earth Day, all in one go!

Before I get ahead of myself, I want to bring two things to your attention:

  1. Please remember safety equipment such as protective plastic gloves and trash bags when collecting any type of garbage. You never know what you may find.
  2. I am including family friendly activities, as most people will probably celebrate early (myself included) due to the fact the actual holiday is on a Monday, and Easter is a family orientated holiday.

As I have discussed in multiple posts my outlook on self care consists of 5 major pillars:






When one pillar is neglected, often times the rest weaken. I am not going to go into the nitty gritty of it here, but if you would like more information I have a very in depth post check out my post here.

My first activity is a classic.

Taking an afternoon or morning to clean the trash and debris in your yard, street, or a local park. This is a perfect family friendly activity for everyone (remember safety first). It would also be a great fit for something to do Saturday to prepare for Sunday’s outdoor fun.

When these items are left to blow around they often make their way into our drains and waterways; ultimately ending up in our oceans. This is terrible for our environment and the reality is our planet is suffering! All forms of life are being affected humans, plants, and animals alike. Just taking one hour out of your day could potentially make such a difference-there is power in numbers! If every person that read this article participated…we could have collected hundreds of bags of garbage! This can be considered a physical, mental, practical, and social (when done with friends and family) self-care pillar activity.

Take your yoga and meditation practices outside!

It is finally beginning to warm up, and by the end of April the weather is likely to be beautiful! It would be the ideal change in routine, and likely encourage all types of creativity! This tackles physical, mental and emotional self-care pillars.

Grab a reusable travel mug.

Most of us bloggers, writers, and humans in general are coffee drinkers! A reusable travel mug is an easy, practical way to cut down on waste, and not sacrifice our simple pleasures. This also makes a fantastic gift idea, with so many people are always on the go. This can be considered a practical self-care activity, and when given as a gift social and emotional.

Last but definitely not least.

I have to bring up gardening, of any sort. Planting trees, flowers, veggies or herbs is a fantastic way to celebrate Earth Day and practice self care. Gardening is a peaceful and calming activity for so many people, and can be done for indoor or outdoor enjoyment. There are countless articles out there on designing any type of garden-Large, small, indoor, outdoor, on porches or balconies.

Often times the landscaping of public parks is run by volunteers. Donating your time or products (gardening equipment, trees, flowers) is relatively easy to do once you contact the appropriate department in your town or city. This is an easy way to get involved in your community while doing something you enjoy.

This is also beneficial to your local bee population. As many of us know, bee population is on a continuous decline. This is detrimental to the survival of our planet. It is a small step you can make to show your support in turning this life threatening situation around.

Change is possible.

It starts with something small. One thought, one action, one person. We can be the change. It just takes one.

One action can cause a bold ripple effect. When people see you making a change, they will first admire you. Then they will question themselves, and wonder how they can change or do whatever action you are taking.

This applies to self care and mental health group as well. Sharing our stories, and experiences-it has created a community. All because one person stepped up. One story, one person-and our journey was off and running.

I will be celebrating Earth Day and Self Care Sunday, Saturday the 20th, as Easter Sunday will be spent with my children.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter Holiday (for those who celebrate) and we would LOVE to see your Earth Day pictures and contributions to keeping our home clean and safe for all walks of life in the comments below

❤ Much love and we can’t wait to chat with you again next Sunday!

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