Why You Should Allow Yourself to Flow with Nature’s Energy

It feels so good to be able to open the curtains and have the sun shine in on me while I work – like soooo good!

Wellness always seems to feel so much easier to access in the warmer months. No more cold, snowy days and gray mornings.

Monday evening I jumped in on the #Ambitionista Twitter Chat and shared my thoughts on why I think we tend to get focused on cleaning out and re-energizing in the Spring. Well, because I think nature is doing it and we are able to take in nature’s energy as fuel for ourselves.

We are part of nature.

If we allow ourselves to cycle with nature we feel better. We are part of the Earth, the Universe. That whole saying of “go with the flow” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care what happens, it means we should allow ourselves to flow naturally. Take in and process the energies around us. These are gifts to us to use (and to give back).

So this month’s round-up, I have some yummy recipes for you to make, interesting facts and some wonderful steps to take for a great transition this season for better wellness.

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