Turning the F into J: The Power of the Joy of Missing Out

I am feeling super excited to welcome Mianna back to the blog to share her thoughts, tips and golden advice about the flip side of FOMO:

Scrolling down your Instagram or Facebook feed and seeing how much fun other people are having can surely trigger the Fear Of Missing Out, aka FOMO. This underlying anxiety is more and more present, as our society grows and opportunities increase. There are so many parties to attend, social events to go to, people to meet. What if you miss out on something amazing? The thing is, you won’t. You never do. This is just an illusion created by the lens of Social Media we use for seeing the world. So, instead, it’s time to focus on something real and embrace the power of the Joy Of Missing Out.

The Joy of Solitude

No matter how much you love people, they have the tendency to tire you out. Being around a bunch of people all the time just clutters your nervous system. Detoxication is in order. When you toss FOMO out the window, you have more time to be your own friend. How long has it been since you had a cup of coffee and enjoyed the quiet by yourself? Let your brain relax and unwind. It needs a break from soaking up all that information all the time. Learning how to enjoy spending time with yourself is key to reaching inner peace.

The Joy of Sleep

All that socializing can really tire a person out. When was the last time you had a full eight hours of rest? When was the last time you took a nap? Those parties and social gatherings weren’t so special that you needed to lose so much sleep over them. By embracing JOMO, you’re finally going to catch up on your sleep. Talk about boosting your immune system, processing stress better, and letting your body heal. Get ready for levels of energy you haven’t experienced in forever.

The Joy of Working Out

When you don’t have the need to go out every time you get invited somewhere, you have more than enough time to keep up with regular workouts. You can finally get the dream body you always wanted, because you know there’s nothing better you could be doing for yourself in the given moment. No social event will beat the feeling of joy and happiness that you’ve once again nailed your workout.

If you need a little more motivation to keep at it and truly embrace JOMO, fitness centres are perfect for you. Fitness centres like these offer guided workout sessions and give you the push you need. It’s especially beneficial for those who haven’t worked out before, as activities like Pilates engage the whole body without straining it. In some centres like Pilates Can, you can even choose to focus on a certain type of Pilates according to your needs.

The Joy of Hobbies

Do you have any idea how many amazing hobbies are out there? From cooking and gardening to stamp collecting and photography, there’s a whole world of hobbies to discover. Now that you’re embracing the Joy of Missing Out, you can actually find out something new about the world and yourself. With so much time on your hands, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Hobbies are a great way to grow as a person and to get to know yourself better. Who knows what you might be good at and what kind of handy skills you can gain. Your hobby will be a valuable investment in a future you who’s much smarter, more interesting, and more confident.


Though people would have you believe that JOMO is something you should stay away from, they’re wrong. Only those who haven’t realized the full extent of power JOMO brings you can make such a claim. Improving your life and being the best you can be can come only from being secure enough to know that FOMO is all in your head. The amazing thing that’ll happen will happen because you worked for it and got to it, not because you chased after it at some party.

Mianna Korben is a writer with a passion for anything that will help her improve her life, well-being and set her on a path to success. She is an avid reader, coffee drinker and fitness enthusiast. When she’s not wordsmithing, she also enjoys travel and staying active. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.
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2 thoughts on “Turning the F into J: The Power of the Joy of Missing Out

  1. Love this! I used to suffer from chronic FOMO, now I thoroughly enjoy just being by myself. Truth be told since I stopped drinking I just can’t be bothered with people all that much. I’m not social and I just have to accept that.

    – Wonderful post love 😀

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