What does it mean to have a judging personality trait?

Have you taken the personality test to know your personality type?

Well I have and I’m an INTJ-A. This translates to:

Introversion, Intuition, Thinker, Judging

There is so much chatter about Introverted vs. Extroverted but we don’t see much time spent on the break down of the other traits that help make up our personalities. Tonight I want to chat about the fourth dimension of personality analysis.

Oh so you’re a judging type huh? That can be the first gut reaction – does this translate to being judgey? No. It doesn’t mean I judge people, lack compassion and understanding. Actually, I like to think of myself as fairly open-minded. Really, this personality type has much of nothing to do with that at all but more with how you approach life’s more mundane things.

This dimension is in how you ‘organize your life’. It’s how you manage your life and how you approach tasks, structure and your time. To fully understand this, it helps to look at the two main traits in comparison.


People with a perceiving personality trait are more carefree. They have an approach to life that embraces freedom and a more live life on a whim attitude. This type of person tends to be more spontaneous. They go with the flow and figure it out as they go.


Those that have a judging personality thrive in structure and routine. They like things to always be in order. These are your planners and your organizers. Judgers are good at staying on task and remaining focused on the goal at hand. They like routine and schedules.

And there’s even more to dive into around this dimension…because there is very rarely an absolute.

Within each personality dimension exists individual facets. In this particular dimension, there are five facets of the life style trait. This is where it gets more nitty gritty. This is where we all differ a little even below our main personality types.


Relaxed vs. Orderly

Spontaneous vs. Scheduled

Casual vs. Conscientious

Impulsive vs. Disciplined

Easygoing vs. Ambitious

So you can be a person with a dominant judging trait but be super easygoing or super orderly but very spontaneous.

You can even be Perceiving but judgemental (because that stems from another place and not the fourth dimension of your personality type).

Go ahead, dive in and get lost discovering more about who you are. This was such a great tool for me to understand more of why I do the things I do.

You can take the free personality type test here.

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