10 Awesome Health & Wellness Bloggers to Follow this Month

July is a pretty busy month for many of us. The kids are out of school and need entertained, we’re traveling and heading out for more adventures and vacations…and everything else that is still on our plates.

I rounded up ten blogs for you to follow to help you stay on track and keep healthy this Summer. Check out their exercise routines and fitness tips, healthy eating and diet advice plus some yummy, healthy recipes!

How to Boost Your Metabolism with What You Eat

Best Diet Tips to Lose Weight & Improve Health

Matcha Latte Recipe for Mind & Body Health

6 Ways to Ease Anxiety, Naturally

My Top 2 Exercises for Aesthetics

5 Summer Foods to Eat for Glowing Skin

Outdoor Circuit for All Levels

10 Simple and Healthy Appetizers for Summer

A How to Guide for Eating Healthy While Traveling

5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

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