Why It’s Okay to Break Your Usual Self-Care Sunday Routine

Today was not my typical self-care Sunday. Honestly sharing, I was a bit on the cranky side this weekend. Last week was the wrap up of my big transition out of the corporate world – and I’m saying a three page transition document with links and how-to’s for the folks stepping in to cover my position in my absence. The queen of organizing was out of energy by Friday evening.

Adding to the big transition, we threw in some travel to try and fit a mini vacation in between meetings, conference calls, reports and paperwork. Though we had some awesome moments, in hindsight the calendar felt somewhat overcrowded. However, the sunshine, good food, fancy cocktails and ocean water did feel good.

Another busy week sits ahead of me as we try and cram some workshops, launches, adventures and another mini vacay into the week – oh and a family reunion next weekend too. I’m hoping this isn’t coming across whiny cause they’re all awesome things but heck I’m already tired. So after a slight debate and a little moment of insecurity on my part, my boyfriend finally declared I need some down time today. And mostly some “just me” time.

It is a struggle to be productive, efficient and even kind when you are feeling overspent. This is just the reality of it. We are not robots!

So I let go today. I threw the to-do list down and didn’t focus on any just task. I didn’t even get around to putting a facial mask on. My typical self-care Sunday routine did not happen today and I’m okay with that. Instead I ate Wendy’s (diet, schmiet), watched a funny movie with my Ma, and then napped for three hours in the sunlight that shined through my window. And that was pretty much my whole day. I didn’t even shower (I did brush my teeth though cause yuck).

Self-care doesn’t look the same every day.

I’m not physically or functionally as prepared for my week as I usually am. The laundry isn’t done, my schedule and tasks aren’t organized but mentally I’m feeling way better than I was 12 hours ago so that makes this lazy, lazy day so worth it. The lazy was the type of self-care I needed today. My brain needed a break!

It’s good to have a standard self-care routine to follow but (big but here) you have to allow it to have some sway. You’ll need different care depending on how your week goes. Decompress was the word of the day for me today, that’s what I desperately needed. So that’s what I gave to myself, a day to decompress.

3 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay to Break Your Usual Self-Care Sunday Routine

  1. I find that self care looks so different for different people, and at different times.
    For me very often self care involves not “people-ing” and just having some time alone so I don’t need to be constantly on edge trying to behave and respond in the socially expected fashion (which even my family often expect….booooooo)

    I hope that the busy week ends up being fun and you get some down time to recover afterwards 🙂

  2. This is such an important point to remember. While we should be making time in our lives for selfcare, it’s not always going to look the same and that’s okay! Rather than trying to force ourselves to fit a specific idea of what selfcare should be into our schedules, we need to listen to ourselves and make use of what we need in the moment.

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