A Powerful Transformation is Brewing – Year Thirty Five

I wasn’t going to write tonight. I’ve been on the go so much the past several weeks and I’m feeling quite drained. I can’t seem to catch up on the missed sleep and my brain felt like mush most of today (and I was a bit delusional over the weekend from being so tired)…

This is where that smack in the face reminder of self-care happened. Sitting in the kitchen sweating like a dog, too tired to even eat dinner.

But then I sat in bed and finally slowed my brain down just a tad bit – or it just went plop for a bit, one or the other. It slowed and rested. I sat still. And then the magic started happening – that powerful, crazy creative thinking process sparked and ignited. All those tid-bits of ideas that have been buzzing around in my head for the last year finally started clicking together. And a plan for implementation was born. And I couldn’t wait to start sharing the excitement with you!

So lots of work ahead for me but it’ll definitely be worth it!

I took a big leap this month and resigned from my corporate job – I’m going full time folks. I’m going to be doing what I love every day, focusing more on my wellness, and am going to start really loving my life more. I’m going to be practicing what I preach. With all this though there are a lot of changes to be put in place, a lot of new things to be built and a heck of a lot of planning and organizing. I keep reminding myself (in those moments of doubt) that this is what I shine at – I got this!

So, some little sneaks of what is ahead:

Tomorrow, I’ll be kicking off this beautiful transformation with a special giveaway for you all – you get the chance to win my birthday wish list! (More details to come on this tomorrow)

Do Five Things a Day will be moving to a magazine format. I’ll get to feature more content contributors and provide more value for you. (If you’re interested in being a contributor, check out this giveaway and stay tuned for more details on how to enroll)

This will also give me more space to launch my vlog this year!

I’ll be offering even more benefits for subscribers and fans through Patreon.

I’m going on more adventures with my best friend and honey and we’ll be sharing them on MLEatsandExplores.

Well that’s my little update for tonight. I’ll be a bit light on the blog posts this month with working so hard behind the scenes to get ready for launch but stay tuned for more goodies and good news!

P.S. Please bear with me while there’ll be some construction and some moving and grooving on the site during this transition.

4 thoughts on “A Powerful Transformation is Brewing – Year Thirty Five

  1. I’m so excited for you! You have so much going on and it’s amazing to see you growing. It’s like we’ve been watching each other from day one, and grown together, if that makes sense! I can’t wait to be part of you magazine 😀

    1. It is really amazing how much we’ve both grown, I love it! Thank you! You have been such an inspiration during my journey and I’m so grateful to have you a part of my magazine and so many of my initiatives! You have made amazing strides towards your goals and passions in the past few months and I’m so proud of you! I can’t wait for us to celebrate our successes together (and we definitely will!) – we got this!!!

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