A Little Bit of What I’m Wishing for this Year

Adulthood is fully in front of me now. Can I still be a big kid though?

This year, this birthday marks a special transformation in my life. This marks the year that I am making big changes – in life, in career, in mindset. Thirty-five will be my magic year. I want more space, more freedom, more adventure, more joy, and more love in my year…and I will have it.

This birthday holds a certain sparkle to it. The lessons from the trials and challenges throughout my life have been collected. They have all brought me to this exact spot. In physical form, in mentality, in emotional being and in spirit. I have the people I need in my life now. The ones that add value and bring me up. I feel cherished and loved. I feel supported.

This will be my best year yet. Dreams will come true at thirty five (and every year after too.) The me moving forward is different than the one last August. It feels so good.

Celebrations are due. I have good friends. I am connected to my family. And I’m setting out on a beautiful path. This will be a great story to tell this year.

I got a little bit of a birthday wish list to share with ya (honey, are you reading?) – – – And there will be a giveaway at the bottom of the post so keep reading! Click the images to check out the prizes before you enter!

My Birthday Wish List

And the best part – the giveaway!

Enter to win a prize pack with my wish list items + a special gift from me! It’s easy peasy to enter, just answer the questions on this form. A winner will be selected on my birthday, August 31st!

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