How to Have a Self-Recovery Day

I’ve been on the go for weeks, well actually months. There hasn’t been much room for down time in my schedule. Resulting in me feeling a bit blah, a little delusional (due to exhaustion) and frankly just kind of crashing. I just want to lay in bed and stare off into the nothingness.

These feelings happen, this is real, both physically and mentally. And we allow it to happen to ourselves too often.

Why does this happen?

Because we jam too much into our calendars. We worry about way too much at once, trying to have the answers to everything. This is the “way of the world” now, right?

I do try my best to keep my schedule under control but I just can’t always make it happen. It surely doesn’t help that I am a true A-type personality with a million ideas floating in my head and a thousand projects going on at once. And truthfully I’m not too happy when I don’t have all that going on. My brain goes at light year speed all of the time. I want to help everyone, succeed at everything (in a very perfectionist way) and I want it all done right now. That’s not very realistic is it now?

I’m so A-type that my boyfriend has to give me daily pep talks to chill the heckers out, give myself some credit and breathe.

Where the balance comes in.

I’m not a robot, I can’t go-go-go forever. I’ll crash. I’ll burn out. And then I’ll be about as worthless as a wet sock. So I wiggle in some self-recovery days every month. And today is that day.

I made myself a cup of hot tea.

Am giving my skin some much needed love with a facial mask. And added a super nurturing hair mask too.

I put on a comforting movie. Went with a throwback ‘Now and Then’.

And curled up with my laptop.

Maybe I’ll even get some painting time in this evening.

The main priority of today is to just do what I want to do. This is my “me” day. This is my sanctuary. A self-recovery day can look like many things. Maybe it’s a day out hiking and taking in the healing vibes from nature. Or maybe you stay in bed all day with Netflix or a good book.

How to decide what your self-recovery day should look like:

  1. Determine how you’re feeling. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of everyday life? Are you in desperate need of down time and rest? What is missing right now that needs to be filled or satisfied?
  2. Identify how much time you can dedicate to yourself. How much alone time do you have? Do you just have the morning or can you veg out for the whole day?
  3. Make sure to include some of your favorite things. Include activities or things that bring you absolute joy and contentment.

It’s really that simple. Make the day all about you! Do not focus on your to-do list. Do not stress about what others need in this moment – this needs to be about what you need. And you deserve a day of rest.

β€œRest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – Eleanor Brown

3 thoughts on “How to Have a Self-Recovery Day

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tips on having a self recovery day. It’s so important to have a day to relax and recover from a busy life!

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