Why All of the Dimensions of Wellness are Important

When you think about wellness, what comes to mind? Many times we immediately jump to diet and exercise…but it’s so much more.

Skincare, hair care, taking care of nails. These are part of wellness.

So is nurturing our minds, soothing our souls and healing our hearts.

Wellness encompasses so many areas of our lives.

There are several dimensions of wellness. These include physical, mental, emotional, creative, environmental, financial, occupational, social, and spiritual. And some report even more. Today we’re going to focus on just some of them.

Physical Wellness

This includes diet, exercise, hygiene, and overall physical health. Eating healthy, being active, and going to routine doctor visits are ways to help keep good physical wellness. So is brushing your teeth, a good skincare routine and wearing clean clothes. Some basic things here, right? It’s the routines and building the habits (and making time for all of them) that can be the tricky part.

Mental Wellness

How often do you make time to take care of your mind and mental health? This tends to be something many of us let slide. Now, there is a difference between mental and emotional health (and I’ll chat more about emotional in a minute). Mental wellness is more directed toward how well your brain is functioning. How good is your memory? How strong are your thinking processes? There are different activities that can help you strengthen your mind like word puzzles, reading and trying new things.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is connected to a person’s emotional state and moods. Your wellness is determined by how well you are able to recognize and manage your moods and emotions. This can affect your self-esteem, confidence and relationships that you have with other people.

Social Wellness

This is one that I think gets misrepresented sometimes. Having a healthy social life doesn’t mean that you have to be a social butterfly, out and about all of the time, and know a lot of people. Having good social wellness means you have healthy relationships in your life. Ones that are balanced, honest and fulfilling. Also, in having a balance of socializing and alone time. Here are some tips for what a healthy friendship should look like: 10 Signs of a Healthy & Happy Friendship

Spiritual Wellness

This is around what your values and beliefs are and how well you withhold them. Spiritual wellness encompasses knowing what your purpose is and feeling you have meaning in this world. As a result you’ll feel confident in who you are, what you’re doing in life, and you’ll have a sense of inner peace.

Financial Wellness

Having your finances in order is the basis of this dimension. Being confident in paying your bills on time, having an emergency fund and not feeling constantly stressed about money are results of good financial wellness.

Environmental Wellness

This is all about your surroundings. Do you have a safe place to sleep, a roof over your head? Is your area clean? It also includes who you are surrounded by. Making sure you are in a positive, healthy environment will help you thrive.

All of these dimensions link into one another. Energy is connected to energy. When you feel better physically, you will feel better mentally and vice versa. You also will feel more in control of your emotions when you are well rested and have better relationships.

It’s important to develop a well rounded wellness routine so that you can take care of all areas of your life.



Dimensions of Health


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  1. It can be really tough to balance all those dimensions in your everyday life. But it’s so important too! I will definitely invest more time in all those categories.
    Thanks for this awesome post!
    Best wishes

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